Is coaching right for me?

Do you feel that you can’t continue on your current path any longer?

Do you want to let go of the issues that are holding you back?

Are you someone who doesn’t want to settle for average?

Are you prepared to be honest with me, so that you can achieve your goals?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, then coaching is exactly right for you!

What is the difference between coaching and other types of therapy?

Coaching and therapy both create a positive, healing relationship between the coach or therapist and client, which serves as a medium for change. Coaches and therapists are trained to understand human behaviour and motivation. Both help clients set and achieve their goals.

While it is often useful for people to understand why they behave in certain ways, there are gentler ways of acquiring this insight, if needed, and, in isolation, that insight doesn’t help you get nearer to knowing how to do things differently. It is this ‘knowing how to do things differently’ that sets me apart.

What I offer is solution-focused coaching that is concentrates on the ‘here’ and ‘now’ and any future changes you may wish to make. If you feel you need to gain learnings from your past, or let go of emotions and limiting decisions, I can help you gently revisit your past without having to feel the emotions and relive the experiences.

Overall, I will help you to make sense of ‘how’ your problems affect you in the present day and why you have not reached your goals yet. From there, I have all the tools to help you make those changes and finally reach those goals.

Please note that I will not become your mentor. We are not here to give you advice based on our own life experience or to tell you what to do. We coach to help raise awareness of your own capability and capacity for problem-solving and goal achievement.

What happens during a free consultation?

Our initial, free consultation happens on the phone or in-person. It is a relaxed conversation designed help us both assess whether we would like to work together. If we do the initial consultation in-person, it is usually held in a more casual setting, such as a coffee shop, unless you have a preference to meet up somewhere more private.

This initial consultation with any coach is very important for you. You will probably know immediately whether you want to work with that person. You are going to be revealing some very personal details about yourself, and it is important that you get the right ‘feeling’ when you meet them.

I believe you will get the best results in the fastest time, with a coach that you have the best connection or ‘rapport’ with — so trust your gut instinct!

I’ve found with all my clients that I’ve shared some similarity with them, either in the challenges they have faced in the past, or similarities in our values and thought processes. I believe that we choose each other, and we initially connect with each other without knowing yet what the connection is.

You are under no obligation to commit to the coaching programme when you come to the consultation. You might decide to commit during the session or you might decide when you get home.

I will send you a welcome pack alongside a questionnaire for you to complete, to assist me in creating a program tailored especially for you, and you will already have started the learning and change process by the time we meet for our first real session.

What happens during a typical session?

In our first session, we will review your questionnaire and pre-coaching pack and build an understanding of what the issues are and what you want from coaching. I will be able to answer any questions that you may have before we move onto ways to create the change.

In most sessions, we will generally spend some time reviewing the last session and any tasks that you have been doing, before moving onto the change work. This will be a conversational process, using tools and techniques that I will guide you through.

Towards the end, we will review the session and agree on tasks and exercises with the new choices, actions, and behaviours that you have acquired.

Too busy to come in? I also offer sessions via Skype and email.

What is the frequency of coaching required?

The frequency of coaching depends on the client, their goals, and how quickly they wish to change their life. Sessions are designed to create immediate change and may not require any further sessions after the follow-up.

Changes can happen quite quickly, often by the first or second session, although more time might be needed to explore more difficult and complex issues. Resolving these types of problems may require a more consistent frequency after the first session.

I will typically see my clients on a weekly basis. For my packages, I allow an additional week for flexibility, due to holidays or sickness.

Confidence Coaching is best judged individually, but often clients start with sessions fairly frequently and then reduce them to once monthly to stay on track, keep motivated, and achieve long-term change.

Whatever your goal, it is my aim and wish to help you create change as quickly as possible.

What is the investment?

My packages and session rates offer exceptionally good value for money. The integrated methods I use and my expertise leads to fast and effective results. Therefore, the number of sessions that you will require will be significantly less that other forms of therapy or counselling that can go on for months or years.

I have recently updated my packages to allow you even more flexibility without having to commit to a full coaching program, if you would prefer to work on something specific.

The hourly rates are based on a sliding scale, and the price is reduced if you opt in to a larger number of sessions.

The average price for an experienced Life Coach in Canada is $200 per hour. You can usually make savings with any coach by opting to purchase a package of hours, and that way you can save some money, as well as getting the payment out the way and being able to focus on your coaching goals.

If you are purchasing a package, you also have the option to spread the payments over the duration of your program, by setting up a standing instruction to pay at monthly intervals in your program or with post-dated cheques.

When choosing to work with a coach, paying less doesn’t always serve you well. There is a lot of research that suggests the more you pay for something, the more likely you are to value it, and it can give you the extra motivation to ensure that you get the results that you want.

I know when a client is ready to make their desired changes, because nothing will stop them from making the decision to start their program now.

I am aware that you are making a financial commitment when you start your coaching journey, and that’s why I deliver you fast results with as few sessions as required to make the changes now.

What is your session cancellation policy and notice required?

I politely request that any changes to your appointment dates and times are made as early as possible, in order to create flexibility for other clients.

Although every effort is made to accommodate changes in your schedule, I request 48 hours’ notice for cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment. An alternative appointment will be offered to you at this time.

You will be given full details of my agreement and policies when you make a booking.