The Life of a Chameleon

Nicole McIntryre

Lets take a walk down memory lane. The time when playing in the park, having sleepovers and going to DQ were the highlights of our very existence. Now we are adults. Adults work and have greater responsibility. Sometimes responsibility turns into frustration, anger and definitely not fun anymore. When was the last time you had fun? And not at a wedding where you had to go to or a drink after work but f.u.n. Revisit what ‘fun’ means to you. Fun to me changes all the time but I like change and truly believe it is all apart of life. Embrace change in your life. This can help you grow as a person if you welcome it.

Let me ask you this…

What makes you not want to try at things?

What has been your proudest moment and how long ago was that?

Who believes in you the most and why?

Take ten minutes and really give yourself a chance to think on this. Challenge yourself with these questions. Sit in them for a moment and see if a different thought or query arises.

The purpose to this exercise is to awaken your dormant senses that sit too comfortable deep within you. We all sometimes tend to go in our own bubble where its safe and familiar. And see, this can’t be good for the wild, free, loud and ultimately alive person that each of us holds within.

I truly believe that we are all chameleons and we shed our skin through venturing down different paths in life. We aren’t the same person from yesterday and will definitely not be the same tomorrow. Ultimately the goal here is to achieve more than we could possibly imagine with each passing day. That’s a cool thing to think of…

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