Tell me, what do you know about coaching?

Nicole McIntryre

Its important to decipher what a coach really is nowadays and what their help can do for you. First, we should look at some of the other titles that are not related to coaching although they may bare striking resemblances. Therapy typically focus on problems routed in the past and why things have happened. A Sports Coach focuses on winning, win-lose mentality and perfecting your game. Friends and family are also pretty tricky as they focus on their own agenda and the ‘shoulds and should nots’. Coaches today help clients discover for themselves new thoughts, beliefs and emotions to strengthen their ability to take action and achieve what is important to them. They also help rediscover things thus, taking you from a place of functional to optimal.

Let me tell you a little more about what coaching is. There are a lot of people out there doing what they call coaching, but true coaching is done by a trained certified professional and in a very unique way. The uniqueness comes from certain techniques such as Neuro-Linguistics, highly-specialized assessments that test your resting/peak stressors and set purpose/direction and accountability. Coaches are not just trained in how to coach but they also come from the field and have a personal and professional connection to their area of expertise. Needless to say there are a lot of ‘cheerleaders’ out there to build you up but new understandings of the brain, sociology, pshychology and human adaptability plays a hand in creating a highly specialized coach.


  • Tap into unused resources from within
  • Move you away from victim-thinking into aware-type thinking
  • Guides you to a high conscious living and tap into your more beneficial energies
  • Resets your stress and distractions
  • Encourages you to reevaluate the relationships you have in your life to ensure you are focussing on more enjoyable, positive experiences

More and more people are realizing that coaching helps you tap into your already existing powers from within. It is invigorating and powerful because it breaks down your fear, uncertainty and lack of desire and breathes energy into what you are truly passionate about/or wanting to work towards. Stop the hamster wheel and be your best self. Don’t be afraid to work for greater happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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