SLAY 2018 with Greater Confidence & Less Self Doubt

Nicole McIntryre

I know what you are thinking… sounds like another failed attempt for a New Years resolution right? No way! If you truly want to make a positive change for 2018 then start by saying bye bye to self-doubt. First things first, you need to define what slaying 2018 really means to you and learn how to break down your barriers in order to achieve it.

What are you passionate about that keeps getting pushed to the side?

What is the catalyst to all your frustrations?

According to a Zenger Folkman study, women consistently underestimate their abilities where as men consistently overestimate theirs. You want to be a force to reckon with. Us girls have to stick together and by developing an unshakeable confidence it will catapult you ahead of the pack. As easy as it is for others to judge you, we are our own worst critics. Try to become more mindful of this and test this theory out. You’ll be very surprised how hard you are on yourself…

By developing more positive self-talk you will begin to rid the dreaded grim reaper of self-doubt. Creating your own mantra and owning it is key. Mine is “Life is short. Smile and enjoy the ride.” My mantra is a form of meditation and each day I feel this overwhelming sense of inner strength. Inner dialogue is just as powerful as outer dialogue. Oh and I also forgot the most basic strategy that everyone seems to forget about – Be prepared and put your strategies into practice. Run it by a friend, practice in the mirror or pitch to a stranger – who cares! Confidence is most important at the time between where you are and where you want to be. For instance, you want to move from your current job position to a more senior role. Underline where you could falter and illuminate your key core strengths. Write it down or do a voice note but activate your senses. By being mentally and physically prepared you will confidently SLAY the interview (with less self-doubt).

So remember… this is not something you are born with. Building confidence can be a life long journey and you must practice it consistently to grow. Implement these simple strategies into your life…

1. Self-Talk

2. Mantra

3. Implement and Practice

OWN IT and never give up on your true passions. I promise you will see a change on the horizon.

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