People take little action for their own success and resist change out of fear and lack of hope. I implore you to look at recharge as a way to embody your inner Wonder Woman. Your Wonder Woman isn’t lazy or afraid. She walks to her own drum and takes charge of the situation.

Recharge means connecting to your inner genius, your higher level and having meaningful relationships. This can be done in a number of ways and no person’s way is the same. You have to listen to what’s going on inside and not be afraid to confront those bastard demons deep within. Lets practice this with these 3 easy steps below. No better time than the present and it can instantly change your mindset.


Bring yourself to a ‘happy moment’ in your life where you felt pure joy and peace. An example on how to visualize this is a vacation on a beach with a beautiful view, sun shinning and the heat and wind gently massaging your skin J. Now, totally accept all that is happening in your life at that moment. You see everything in this moment as having meaning and purpose. You are beginning to see opportunity in everything. There are no problems only opportunities to be conquered.


Tap into your talent from within and search for your unique potential you offer. Don’t sell yourself short here and think of things in the past that brought you success and happiness. Bring that to the surface and ignite your passion surrounding it. Make it so you can tap into this moment whenever you please in the future. You can do this with determination and concentration. How bad do you want it?


Make a commitment to yourself at this very moment. You will face obstacles and influences for change each day so make sure to constantly educate yourself, vent and think outside the box for greater focus in the days to come. Get into a flow for your life while creating new and exciting moments. Realize you can’t always be in this higher level but with practice you can learn to access it when need be.

Do this simple exercise whenever and wherever. It takes mere moments and its free self-help that can totally change your day for the better. This will help change your mindset, strengthen your abilities and empower you to go further.

Come on ladies – be that tough babe I know you are.

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