My Button Gets Pushed When…

Nicole McIntryre

My Button Gets Pushed When…

How true is it that you are responsible for carrying the weight of other peoples decisions?

When things start to have a physical impact on you how does it benefit to carry?

How would it feel for you to experience stressful situations without palpations and anxiety?

If any of these questions triggered a response then…great! Having the insight to recognize this is only the start.

Your buttons have a lot to do with your inner critic. If your values and beliefs are misaligned you react with emotion. It can then be taken into a completely different direction than you had intended. When you start drilling deep into the root of what caused this you have to be open and ready to feel exposed. Its likened to an orange having all of its skin peeled off. Although beautiful, it can feel very vulnerable. Thankfully, this feeling doesn’t last but is necessary to releasing the root of your button. Biting into that sweet juicy orange never tasted so good!

I’ll give you an example of my own button pushing. I was extremely stressed out in my old job. There was a lot of pressure and I managed it by crying a lot, yelling at my husband too much and drinking a lot of vino. LOL…ugh. One day I just said “enough”. I spoke with a coach over the phone several times and we uncovered that my inner critic was “I’m not good enough”. That was my button and once triggered it was game over. I uncovered that I had all these unrealistic expectations of myself and was constantly beating myself down instead of building up. There were some difficult changes that had to happen in my life – job change, lifestyle changes, uncomfortable work on my inner self… And more times than not it would of been easier to give into my old ways as it was certainly easier to communicate this way (yelling and spazzing…. Really?). Instead, I acknowledged, stopped, assessed the situation and took a different approach to what I normally had done. Sometimes I would let myself sit on it for a day or two so I would calm myself down. During this time it was hard because I was so emotionally triggered. I would do my best to stay busy and feel good. Going to the gym, having a drink with friends and organizing my closet were a few of my favourite past times. As I continued this work on myself it started to get easier and I noticed small changes. It was the best feeling in the world to feel something different and good! There was hope. I realize that there will always be a struggle but I put more effort into celebrating my achievements rather than focussing on the negative that I can’t control.

Installing positive energy in your life can help you achieve more than you imagined and continue your path to inner change. Seeing through different lenses, constantly seeking the truth and looking at the big picture are a few good examples you can practice when triggered. However, you are your own unique self and if you feel stuck get unstuck. Make a plan and stick to it. You have to find a new path that will set you up for success. Embracing change helps lengthen you into your best self. Having the willpower to seek change and not give up is truly the most humanistic form of inspiration.

So again I’ll ask you…

My Button Gets Pushed When___________________________________________________________.

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