Changing your Past Programming

Nicole McIntryre

We often don’t experience the present moment authentically. We experience it based on our past experiences. We sometimes hold onto things that aren’t necessarily true anymore. These belief patterns go much deeper. Your beliefs are a deep rooted systemic conscious sense of the self.

A lot of what we see in the world is because we expect to see it and how we see it is usually what we expect. We cut out so much just to get by that its amazing how we get through the day. If you expect something in a certain way what are you missing out on? How we interpret those perceptions, whether good or bad, culturally offensive or not, is based on certain criteria built in from your past.

People suffering from past trauma are a good example of this as it is derived from severe spikes in that specific moment. Your nervous system is going haywire and it wants to protect you. Your prefrontal cortex develops a new narrative from that traumatic experience and is then triggered in a way which can be very hard to talk about. Using different sensory experiences like in yoga and meditation can allow you to see yourself apart and enable you to take action to change. Yet, this may not be the same in all people which should be noted here but there is much success on a whole than not. It can take an acute single event to change the course of your life. If you are doing work on yourself either in therapy, yoga or anything under the ‘self-help umbrella’, you have to relearn a sense of self and have a relaxed body to move forward. There are a lot of mindfulness practices to help with this but you have to undo your acute traumatic state first.

The Buddha attested to get away from our own prejudices and perceptions by not limiting reactions based on low or high priority. Take it in as it is. See something for the first time. Take the time. This is the path to your own true enlightenment.

Undo the pattern that causes suffering. These are emotional responses to what we experience. If something gives us pleasure then it is fixed away as good and stored into our memory as that. If you have more things in the bad section it’ll become your reality. We have visceral responses to this. They are viscerally connected to emotional responses. We have this conscious library in our brains to make the choices for us. Sometimes this can inauthentically be understood. We can’t see who we are because our deepest life long patterning has steered us away from who we truly are.

“Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.” Albert Einstein

If introduced properly theres ways in which new patterns can start to feel good. Lets call this proper conditioning. If your really interested in change then be good to yourself, reward yourself and enjoy what you do. If you think you must suffer to get to where you desire thats simply not true. Your only building up the very walls that you are trying to break down. As soon as you feel tense allow yourself to relax. Be more aware of your patterning. Take time for yourself in the simplest ways – love yourself. Enjoy what you are doing in the moment. Find a way to come back to just being more aware. You want to be in a situation where you are positive to rewrite what you are working towards. You can create new patterns this way.

Don’t start changing things just yet. Start to notice the patterns themselves first. Especially the ones that you aren’t too pleased with. Identify the patterns that cause suffering or harm and start acting in a way that is nonjudgemental and curious. With continued conscious awareness and practice you can choose to act authentically and out of love which is not patterned.

Find your unique power of self, bring in good karma and reprogram for your future.

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